About us

The Company

Founded in 2004, VisualLive© is an independent technology company that provides simple, smart visual eLearning & digital communication solutions for the Healthcare industry.

Our passion is driving health education in developing markets. We relish the challenge of overcoming technology-based delivery challenges, efficiently and effectively.

We are the original providers of healthcare streamed content on the African continent. To date we have delivered over 35,000 hours of streamed content across Africa that includes numerous healthcare education initiatives. Our platforms also deliver to India, South America, Australia, USA and the UK.

About the team

Our team is energetic and diverse with professional expertise ranging from Genetics, Health Informatics, Nursing, Pharmaceuticals, Business and IT Development.

To supplement our technology and medical skills we have a strong network of suppliers from film makers to animators, who can assist you to turn your requirements into effective digital content.

We all share a relentless commitment to delivering the best possible eLearning and communication experiences, together with the highest levels of service.

Our Achievements

  • 1

    Wavelength Foundation Social Entrepreneurial Candidate Silicon Valley 2012

  • 2

    Ford Global Ambassador 2011

  • 3

    Cartier Women’s Initiative Finalist 2011

  • 4

    Entrepreneur SA Finalist 2011

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